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Warning !! Creativity Overload

Corporate Hangman

Word  Guessing game

Mind Over Body

Participants have to throw a dart while answering questions.

Corporate Roadies

It is a 3 round game , 1st building an object with given materials, selling that object, and completing the given task.

Treasure Hunt

While one group member will give extempore, the other members will have to find the object with the clue.

Business Quiz

There will be questions on business where the players have to choose the correct option out of the given options.


It's a players vs players action game where several players fight in a battle royale. Fight to remain alive till the end!

Guess Who I Am 

There will be 2 people on a team. One member will be shown a hint by a picture or any short text about a particular thing. This person needs to enact without uttering any word according to the hint and then the other person has to identify his/her partner's acting.