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Register for Leaps In Beats

Rules and Regulations:-

1.No revealing costumes.

2.Song duration must be within 5 minutes.

3.No expletives or profanity is to be heard.

4.Every group must consist of 3 to 8 members.  Substitution may be allowed as per the discretion of the judges and organizing committee.

5. Please prepare your own CD or flash drive.
6.Groups must report at the location 45 minutes before the start of the event.

7.Every participant must be a college/university student.

8.Deadline for registration: <add it here>.

9.The dance style should include any form of dance.

10.No ride gestures, comments and movements allowed.

11. Points will be awarded for creativity, music, stage presence, teamwork, dance variation,synchronization, entertainment value, crowd response and skills.
 12.The decisions of the judges are final and binding.